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March 20, 2020 by 1 Comment

Welcome to a Country Kitchen Pantry food news roundup.

Organic Food Delivery

Earlier this month I discovered an organic food delivery service in my area, Full Circle, which serves people in many parts of Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Oregon, and California. Organic food delivery is a popular business model these days so possibly you could find something similar where you live. Google can be a foodie’s best friend.

I got my first delivery of food. The basic box of veggies for one person cost about 25 dollars. I added on other products: Camenbert cheese, bread, rolls, a chocolate bar, half-and-half, peanut butter, and deli slices made of smoked tomato. Everything is delicious, organic, and worth buying. I love the “fresh to your door” delivery!

Online Meal Planning

I joined Plan To Eat recently – an awesome online meal planning site. It is a great place for those of us who like to plan our meals and menus in advance. I love how we can look up recipes and get suggestions based on what ingredients we have on hand. To do that, click on “Add a Recipe” and then on “Import From Web.” Put in the ingredient you want to use, and a list of available recipes will appear. This is so much fun!

Measure Surface Temperature of Food

Digital Infrared Thermometer - Food News Roundup recommended product at

Today I looked for the most popular item on Amazon in the Home and Kitchen section – and surprise! It is this digital infrared thermometer. Who would have thought a digital thermometer would be at the top of the list? Maybe they’ve been selling well because cooks want to know the temperature of their Thanksgiving and Christmas turkeys.

The thermometer doesn’t measure internal temperatures – it only senses the surface of an object – but is accurate within a few degrees.

Besides a multitude of uses for cooking, it is also handy for mechanics, contractors, bathwater, the sidewalk outside, or even testing the temperature of a clothes dryer.

I’ve read that it is especially helpful for measuring the temperature of chocolate during candy-making.

A Few Recipe Recommendations For This Food News Roundup

The holiday season is nearly upon us. I’m recommending the Holiday Cocktails over at Amanda’s Glitter and Spice blog, especially her Festive Mojito.

On the first of the year, while watching the Rose Parade and Rose Bowl, we will indulge in some awesome Vegan Sweet Potato Chili – it is time to get those simple ingredients together now.

After all is said and done, and the holidays are over, I’m going to continue with my weight loss. I’ve heard that weight loss is the #1 most popular resolution in any new year. Here’s a simple recipe for a 100% vegan Vegetable Weight Loss Soup at Bennachti – a site with “useful ideas for a blessed, happy life.”

Winter Food

Rodale’s Organic Food Life recommends the nine best foods to eat during the winter months. Power foods like cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, beets, grapefruit and pumpkin seeds are perfect for cold weather.

That reminds me that I got an organic grapefruit with that food delivery last Thursday! Read more about the Rodale’s January food recommendations here: The 9 Best Foods to Eat in January.

Organic salads promote health and vitality - Food News Roundup at

That’s it for this first food news roundup. I intend to post these frequently – possibly every week if I can get myself in here to do it. Wednesday is my day at the Country Kitchen Pantry food blog.

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  1. Linda Martin says:

    Wonderful news feature for this website. Keep letting us know what’s new in the foodie world. I love that thermometer!