Mageirocophobia Is My Problem – i.e. Cooking Anxiety

March 17, 2023 by No Comments

I want to learn how to cook. I’m going to write this blog but only if I can do so from a point of view of complete honesty. Cooking is not my talent, but I do want to learn. I will be happy to discuss food issues with you as I work on my cooking skills.

I seem to have taken a wrong turn in life. Cooking frightened me early-on. My mother seemed to be normally angry while cooking and never taught me much about how to be a good cook.

I have a bad case of mageirocophobia – the fear of cooking, or cooking anxiety. It has been like a plague to me all my life. I’m 70 now. I’ve tried to overcome it. In fact, I wrote The Fear of Cooking and How to Overcome It.

I have, to a great degree, overcome my fear of cooking but that’s due in large part to adjusting my life to accommodate for my shortcoming. I no longer try to cook for anyone except myself. No marriage, no guests, no contributions to bake sales.

I keep it simple, and that’s a good thing as right now I’m living a very simple life in a travel trailer because a forest fire burned my mobile home. I’ve been living in this trailer two years already.

I’ve never once turned on the oven in this travel trailer. Not once. I tried at one time because I wanted to warm up a frozen pizza. I couldn’t get the propane to flow into the oven, so no flame, no heat, no pizza. When the refrigerator broke I tossed the frozen pizza into the trash.

My daughter also lost her home in the forest fire. She’s living in a RV right next to me here on my rural property. She’s a fantastic cook. She loves doing it. At one time we were going to let her write the articles on this blog because she loves cooking so much, but she got busy doing other things and after writing a few pages gave up on the project.

Tonight’s dinner was a very simple vegetable soup. I wish I’d taken a picture. If I had, I’d tell you more about it. I need to keep it simple in this tiny trailer. I do want to have a house built here but it hasn’t happened yet.

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