The Best Drink Ever

I’m going to say the best drink ever is spring water. What’s your opinion?

Drinking Water
Drinking Water
Photo by Derek Jensen via Wikipedia Commons.

Since I went on the candida diet in February, I’ve been off all caffeinated drinks. That was a biggie for me. I didn’t drink much coffee (except at the coffee house downtown, occasionally) but I did love a daily mug of spiced tea.

I miss it.

But not all that much!

Now I still get spiced tea, but it is caffeine free… Celestial Seasonings Bengal Spice. With stevia and unsweetened almond milk.

Speaking of milks… I was on the candida diet (or so I thought) for about a month before I noticed that the coconut milk I was drinking was spiked with cane juice!

Fortunately I was able to locate the unsweetened almond milk in our only local market. Even the soy milk was sweetened. No thanks to that. Sweeteners like cane juice aren’t compatible with the candida diet.

Okay, back to the topic…

What is your favorite drink?

9 thoughts on “The Best Drink Ever

  1. Another drink I love is coconut milk. Unfortunately I’ve given that up for now because I’m on a strict candida diet and the only sweetener I use is stevia. Coconut milk has cane juice in it.

  2. For me the best drink is tea. It depends person to person. My another favorite drink is sugar cane juice.

    1. I start each morning with a cup of tea. My favorite right now is Bengal Spice tea by Celestial Seasonings. I drink it like chai, with almond milk in it, and stevia for sweetener.

  3. I loves me some sweet tea. 2nd would be water.

  4. I love green tea. green tea detoxifies. Besides this I drink water. much water. There are a lot of benefits of it!

  5. So many tea lovers here! I like coffee though. I can’t leave for work without a hot cup of coffee. 🙂

  6. I love water too! So refreshing! Some coffee or a nice espresso is great too. And I just cannot live without milk!

    1. I only use almond milk these days – unsweetened! I even use it in my coffee, along with stevia, for a low-calorie treat. Along with Mt. Shasta spring water, and some herbal teas, that’s what I’m drinking a lot of these days.

  7. Yes, Absolutely the spring water tastes good, so refreshing for the health. It helps you recover from toxicity. I guess it is good if you mixed the water with fresh sliced lemon. Thank you for sharing it!

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