Hello and welcome to Country Kitchen Pantry!


I’m Cinnamon, and I am happy to be bringing you recipes featuring traditional and modern tastes. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest where we are blessed with an abundance of fresh and flavorful ingredients!

I am a mom and I like to know that my children are eating healthy foods and exactly what is in those foods. Although I strive to make sure we avoid “processed” foods I know it is impossible these days (especially because they can be SO tasty!) and that they can create a wonderful meal rather quickly. It can be a time saver for busy, working, or new parents.

When I hear “country kitchen pantry”, I think of food. But did you know there is a lot more than food to a country kitchen pantry? Your kitchen can be an amazing source for crafts and household helpers as well!

I look forward to sharing my delicious meals, beverages, desserts, craft ideas, and everything else in-between with you!

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